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About The Lambster

Instructor / Guide / Fly designer

Steven "Lambster" Lamb,  is the owner of Georgia Fly Guide. Steve first started guiding in the early 1980's on Georgia's headwater mountain streams.  Five years later, he added drift boat fishing on the Toccoa River tailwater to his guide trips, which, according to Steve, has been a blessing for him.

He and his guides have been teaching the art of fly fishing and fly tying at Kennesaw State University for 23 years.  He also teaches classes at Chattahoochee Tech.  Most of the classes are for Co-Eds and Seniors on the OLN program.

Over the years, Steve has ventured to the states of Montana, Wyoming,Colorado, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania chasing trout and to upstate New York for salmon and steelhead.  He has caught many fish and taken many photos in those states, as well as the states of Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina.

Steve is passionate about showing others the tremendous opportunities for fly fishing for the warm water species on the Etowah River and Coosa River. He feels like it is the dawning of a new era.  Both rivers have a huge diversity of fish species that can be caught on the fly as well as conventional tackle.  Fishing from drift boats, or his newly added skiff barge, he and his guides are able to catch many species of bass including spotted bass, striper, and three varieties of trophy size gar.

Steve also develops streamers for the Perfect Fly Company out of Tenn. His streamers are very successful in catching fish and anglers have become increasingly aware of this fact.

Steve sums up his love of fishing in a simple statement, "Fly fishing is a art that provides stress relief by bringing me closer to God and nature !"

Like many lifetime, avid anglers, Steve's dad started him fishing at a very early age.  

Steve says of the experience, "I was 7 and just fell in love with it".  



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