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Here at the Georgia Fly Guide, we offer Fly-fishing classes for everyone!

Beginners have the opportunity to get their feet wet and learn the basics of fly angling, while intermediate anglers can hone their skills or learn new techniques on the water with experienced guides who love to teach.

Introduction to Fly Fishing    Contact to register here

5 Hour Class COST: $175
This class will get you started on the water.

Classes are held on Saturday or Sundays from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm.  Registration is required.

Each class will cover:

  •     Tackle introduction, fly rods, reels, line, leader and “tippet.”

  •     Knots you need to know

  •     A basic introduction to aquatic insects

  •     How to select flies to “match the hatch”

  •     Reading water

  •     Hands on Casting

Introduction to Fly Tying      ​​​​​​​​​​Contact to register here
4 Hour Class COST: $75.00 (Equipment provide)

Introduction to fly tying is a 2-week class held once a week.

Catching a fish with a fly you that you hand tied is very rewarding!  We offer 4 hour sessions in-house.  We can take up to four fly tyers per class. We will be tying basic flies of Georgia.  We supply all of the materials and tools needed for this class but Georgia Fly Guide offers you the option of bringing your own equipment as well. Equipment selection and usage, material types and quality, and the different types of flies are taught in addition to actual hands-on fly tying. The class is held over 2 weeks to allow students to practice tying outside of class and to identify problem areas prior to the next class.

Students learn to tie 5 basic fly patterns to get them started including one of our very own streamer pattern of your choice.


Class is held on agreed upon weekdays from 5:00pm to 8:00pm  Registration is required.





All Day School For Beginners    Contact to register here   

​8 Hour class COST: $250 - Group discounts available 
In this all day school we combine our four-hour class with a half-day of stream fishing, giving students the ability to apply their new found angling skills to real-life fishing situations. Class is held on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Registration is required.

Students will learn:


  •     Rigging up for a day on the water, including basic knot-tying, leader set-up

  •     Casting, including roll cast, overhead cast, false casting, water loading

  •     How to fish a dry fly, nymph and a streamer

  •     How to read a stream, picking out the most likely places fish will hold and feed.

  •     How to hook, play and land fish


Lambster's Streamer Fishing Clinic    Contact to register here

3 Hour Class COST: $125
It’s a proven biological fact that as trout get larger, they become increasingly piscivorous. This class focuses on how to trigger a big trout predatory instincts, by swinging, stripping and dead-drifting streamer flies. The class covers tackle choices, casting big flies, retrieval methods, and building a streamer selection to cover local baitfish species. This class will be held on the Chattahoochee River Delayed Harvest.

Fall through Spring we will focus on trout -Spring through Summer we will focus on Shoal Bass and Stripers. Class is by appointment.

Advanced Mending Class      Contact to register here      
3 Hour Class COST: $125
The difference between an average trout fisherman and a great one is their ability to mend line well. This class focuses on how to mend, or manipulate, your fly line on the water in order to get better drag-free drifts and catch more fish. We’ll learn the basic upstream and downstream mend, reach cast, stack mend, and mending out line on a downstream drift.

We’ll also cover ways to improve your flyline’s mending abilities.

The class will be held on the Etowah River.

Class is by appointment



Georgia Fly Guide Classes

with The Lambster

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