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Did you know that Lake Allatoona is a flooded gold mining town?  It is!  Georgia has over 500 mines that are rich and gold-bearing and we are right in the middle of it all.  We'll pan for color in Bartow County and Cherokee County as well as other counties within the known gold veins in our state.  When we are done that day, you will rest well but also know how to find this precious metal.
We show you what to use and how to use it, while enjoying a great day in beautiful scenery.  We concentrate on reading the water, learning the tools and tricks of the trade, plus panning and sluicing techniques.  On our trips we supply the tools you will need to find "gold in them thar hills".
All day local trips are $150 per panner or a North Georgia trip which costs $175 per panner.
Church groups are welcome.  All groups get a discount rate. Call for pricing.


​On our all day trips, we supply equipment, lunch and drinks.
With gold at a all time high, a trip could not only teach you a life long skill but could actually pay for itself!  Call now and plan your next adventure with The Lambster.

Our Friends

Pan for Georgia Gold

Gold Prospecting (class and stream)


No experience needed.  This Kennesaw State University course shows you how and where to pan for gold.  You can relive the past, participate in the great outdoors, and enjoy physical exercise.  Learn basic panning skills as well as sluicing techniques of mastering the art of gold prospecting.  We will have a gold prospecting excursion at the end of the class.  We supply all the gear necessary for this trip!  With gold at an all time high, this class could pay off big!

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